In 2021, Fix California launched with the sole intention of bringing conservative change to our state. Our goal was simple: find and register new conservative voters, while fighting to secure the state’s broken election system.

First, we invested in identifying unregistered conservative residents, a process that resulted in more than 1.4 million contacts throughout California. Now, we have embarked on the transformative task of registering, educating, and engaging these conservative-minded Californians.

Fix California’s innovative efforts to target, contact, and register voters has made this campaign one of the most effective and efficient voter registration efforts in state history. During our pilot program launched last year, we registered 10,000 conservatives A MONTH.


We proved our strategy to save California works, and now we need YOUR help!


Your $15 sponsorship will directly result in one NEW conservative voter in California. If you have the means - feel free to contribute $45 to register three new conservative voters, $75 for five, or $150 for ten! Help Fix California level the playing field in our state by delivering tens of thousands of new conservative voters.

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    $15 - Sponsor 1 New Conservative CA Voter
    $45 - Sponsor 3 New Conservative CA Voters
    $75 - Sponsor 5 New Conservative CA Voters
    $150 - Sponsor 10 New Conservative CA Voters
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